April 29, 2006
Historic Buckeye Candy Company Warehouse
Mount Vernon, Ohio


Food is at the center of many contemporary debates such as health, disorder, ethics.  Food is necessary for survival, but eating also comes with psychological twists, including control and comfort.  Food production, advertising, and shopping are also important issues, and the artists in this exhibition addressed such topics as local farming, Knox County land-use, and drew attention to food marketing practices.

This exhibition, titled “Fresh”, thematically addressed food and society from various perspectives.  Co-curated by Marcella Hackbardt (Assistant Professor of Art at Kenyon College) and Kate Whitcomb (Senior at Kenyon College, majoring in both Studio Art and Economics), the exhibition featured local artists working in digital photography, painting and sculpture.  The artists represented included Annie Kramon, who exhibited prints from her book Picnic, a compilation of poetry and images.  Drew Smith paired oversize images of snack foods with some of their hidden ingredients.  Photographer Steve Klise featured portraits of friends partaking in the delights of frosted treats.   Adele Mattern presented a mixed-media sculptural installation.  Craig Hill’s paintings depicted comic book icons exchanging symbolic instances of fresh produce.

 This exhibit was made possible with a grant from the McGregor Fund and Kenyon College's
Food for Thought Program.





See snapshots from the exhibition

Artists included in the exhibition:

Billy Callis, Kate Flinner, Blair Gazza, Allie Hoagland, Steve Klise, Annie Kramon, Nicko Margolies, Julia Parsons, Rachel Schenk, Marietta Skeen, Kate Skelly, Drew Smith, Alix Sugarman, Alex Walbridge, Marisa Zupan-Ciccone, Craig Hill, Adele Mattern, Mary Ellen O'Meara, Kate Whitcomb, Stefan Gunn, Rob Blum, Lawrence Keaty, Andrew Ritter, Sarah Ingber, Lauren Keiling, Patrice Collins, and Charice Durrance