This collection of digital images addresses issues of the family. Familial relationships are often described as one of flesh and blood, referring to a biological bond connecting family members, a bond which is sentimentalized as intense and lasting. However, within the family unit, interactions of blood and flesh actually both shape and threaten the family's form and content.

The connection of flesh and blood is also often used to set the terms of the biological family's status as the most natural, as a natural entity to which other versions and definitions of family are compared. My work seeks to undermine this assumed naturalness, to problematize the nature of this union of individuals and to assert the family's complex morphologies.

Because family photos often adhere to predicatable conventions, even subtle changes begin to suggest new complexities. These pieces explore the world of psychology and symbol. There are black and white spaces where the color has drained away, flesh without skin, surgical interventions, and various individuals composing and compromising their dreams, desires, and drives. Perhaps what this work has most in common with family snapshots is the struggle for control of memory and meaning.