Marcella Hackbardt

Tuesday and Thursday 1:10-4:00 p.m.
Art Barn Photography area phone: 427-5473

Office hours in Bexley 103:
Wednesday 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Office phone: 427-5461

This course will introduce to students an understanding of color photography as a medium for contemporary art, and as a ubiquitous messaging system doubly bound to veracity and deception. Students will take their own traditional or digital photographs and then utilize various digital photographic techniques, including image scanning and color digital printing. Color theory, correct exposure of color slide and negative films, use of color as an element in photographic design, and the psychology of color will be covered.

Through readings and discussions, students will be introduced to different ways of conceptualizing photography and photographs as cultural products in an effort to further develop a vocabulary with which to discuss images. I expect each student to generate expressive work, and to explore the intensity of art making. More general goals for students include understanding art making as a practice connected to other disciplines and activities, and experiencing that their work as a group is important to their individual success.

Critiques of assignments are important to the progress of each individual in the class, and to the success of the course itself. The critique fosters development of an ability to verbalize visual concepts, and will help you learn to see actively.

Critiques are a time for articulating your ideas and formal decisions, and for discovering how your creative products communicate through larger systems of symbolism, visual associations, memory, metaphor, psychoanalytic readings, and the history of knowledges and materials. Participation in critiques will be considered in grades for all assignments.

"Colors/Pink", David Byrne, Cabinet, Summer 2003, pgs 13-14
"Colors/Pistachio", Spencer Finch, Cabinet, Issue 16, 2005, pgs 7-9
"On Being Blue", William Gass, David R. Godine Publisher, Boston, 1976, page 1

Attendance is mandatory and essential to the course. An unexcused absence is one where you do not talk to me in class prior to your absence. For each class you miss, you will lower your grade by one point out of a total of 100 points.

Open Labs are mandatory class sessions. If you come to the beginning of class, but are unprepared to work in the lab, you will be considered absent. There are required events on campus to attend outside of class.

If you miss a critique, you will receive an F for that assignment. Assignments 1-3, if turned in on a critique day, will be eligible for re-submittal for grade re-evaluation.


Project 1 15 points
Project 2 15 points
Project 3 20 points
Exquisite Corpse 10 points
Reading 5 points
Essay 10 points
Final Project 25 points

Your grade in this class will be based on your performance in the following areas:

Serious and creative effort evident in your solution to assignments

Visual and intellectual innovation
1. Formal and aesthetic: visual impact of images, use of composition, attention to
the details of presentation
2. Conceptual: concepts engaging, inventive, development of ideas over the length
of the project, references one or more considerations of the project topic, a sense
of personal vision

Technical accomplishment

1. Knowledgeable use of camera and other photographic equipment
2. Well-developed negatives, and well-made fine prints

Class participation

Participate in class discussions, help others during open lab, offer thoughtful
comments during critiques (on both one's own and others' artwork)

Work ethic
Consistent progress, helpfulness, initiative, ambitious work (nature of project,
quantity of images, overall quality


Kenyon Bookstore, Gambier 427-5440
Focus Studio, 201 South Main, Mt. Vernon 397-5696
Midwest Photo Exchange, 3313 North High, Columbus 614-261-1264
B&H Photo, New York City 1-800-947-7785
Calumet, Chicago 1-800-225-8638
Freestyle, Los Angeles 1-800-616-3686


35 mm camera with manual controls
1 box EPSON Premium Ink Jet Paper

Other ink jet paper available for the wide-format EPSON printer

35mm color film and slide film
35mm negative sleeves

3 ring binder
Negative cleaner
17”x13” polypropylene envelope
Anti-static cloth
Optional: truecore box
Lens cleaning tissue/lens cleaning fluid
Optional: 18" steel ruler with cork back
Lock (from Art Department)