The Color Red
A stream of .....
Tomatoes, raspberries, sneakers, balloons, poinsettias, sunset, cardinals, roses, sheryl temples, little buds of plants, Jean Shaneen (Old Governor of NH, who always wears a red dress), power steering fluid, rubber balls, valentines day, Beirut cups, noses when cold or drunk, lobsters, crabs, spaghetti sauce, poisonous snakes, spiders and berries, red tides, communism, china, cherries, cough syrup, strawberries, period, blood, danger, red bulls, fire, pain, stop, angry cartoon faces, rabbit eyes, wrong, hearts, hot tamales, hot sauce, Australia, corvette, courage, pride, war, power, strength, these annoying squiggly lines that pop up constantly, reminding me I can’t spell for crap, passion, lips, lipstick, fire engines, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, caution, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, red stripe, flag, bloody marry, ‘Where the Red Fern Grows”, red rover, “Hunt for Red October”, blister, rosy, lust, rust, republicans, roulette wheel, Vegas, Venus, Aphrodite, Red Scare, “The Scarlet Letter”, Spiderman, Superman, police car, red zone, no parking, erotic, autumn, catsup, hell, tape, in the red, debt, panic, little red riding hood, Red Barron, Red coats, robes of kings, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, caught red handed

Studies say red is the favorite color of children


Red is supposedly the first color perceived by man


The general effect of red is energizing and appetizing


Red is my happy color

Canada, picnic tables, menstrual cycle, penalty card, rash, Marlboro reds, clown noses, kick balls, red ants, checkers, Budweiser, baseball stitches, radio flyers, tongs, wine, bulls eye, peppers, the middle of green olives, apples, exit signs, devil, red hair, rage, shame, beets, lungs, Red sea, lollypops, M & M’s, skittles, jelly beans, sweetish fish, red grouper, buttons, redwood forest, tropical birds, Russia, Cuba, Japan, Fidel, red light district, red necks, Ohio state, embarrassment, cranberries, Christmas, plaid, lumberjack, Sudafed, Johnny Walker Red, tonsils, “Roxanne”, “Red, Red Wine”, “Lady in Red”, sailors take warning, Dennison, pollution, emergency, Boston Red Sox, flares, Cancer ribbon, red hots, hot wings, hot, red hen, red door café, bar stools and straws, Bougainvillea, barns, Killinans Irish Red, Red Irish setters, burn victim, traffic lights, blushing, REDRUM, cupid, Detroit redwings, peppermints, candy canes, barbershop poles, red alert, Mario brothers, Mars, sandstone, clay, desert, rogue, Waldo, cat in the hat, ribbons, Clifford, Murphy’s Irish Red, laser, crimson tide, high voltage.

When you look at the color red you undeniably see energy. The way this energy is interpreted can range from love to hate. Red is a very emotionally intense color because of its energy and I think this is why it is chosen to represent strong emotions of many types. Feelings of love, anger, happiness, violence, passion, power and many others associated with the color red are similar in that they are all intense emotions. These emotions need a strong energy to convey their intensity.