Brown. I'll be honest I never gave a thought to the possibility of brown being in the running as a favorite color for the first decade or so of my life. Brown is so drab. Is the color of chocolate. Brown is the color of dying leaves. Is the color of autumn. Is the color of sludge. Is the color of fertile soil. Is the color of mud on your shoes. Is the color of fresh baked bread. Also brown seems to be the main color choice of corduroy.
Alright. Brown's not that bad. I'll admit it's got character. When I play Clue I never pick the brown character M. Alphonse Brunette, I would pick the blue character, but Mrs. Henrietta Peacock, an elderly ornithologist, first she is a she, which I am not, second she is old, which I am not. I am always Col. Algeron Mustard.