Red is one of those colors that could go either way. Either the definition of manly, as in it's the color of blood, or real gooshy, the color of Valentines and just a dash of white away from pink. More importantly, red is the color of sports cars, and other things that move fast, fire engines. Also, a lot of different fruits, apples cherries the inside of grapefruit raspberries strawberries.
Which brings up another point, red hair. Sometimes red hair is really red, fiery red. Other times it only has notions of red, which people call 'strawberry blonde.' I spent most of my life thinking my hair was red, then one day someone told me it was strawberry blonde. Both 'redhead' and 'strawberry blonde' seem to have a wide gamut as to what specific hair colors can be called which. Adding to the confusion, the two colors overlap. Although aside from black hair most hair 'colors' have serious ranges that get confusing and sometimes overlap. If I died my hair blue though, much of this confusion wouldn't matter.