this color is the most emotionally charged so watch out all you firey tempered, impatient, sensitive, confrontational weirdos. and watch out for chickens. they will peck you like its their job.
red imediately reminds me of terrror, then passion, then blood. actually that order changes with my mood. one thing that does not change, however, is my feelings about chickens. chickens are terrified, nourotic, unpredicable animals, much like people. growing up on a ranch i learned that people and chickens are really not all that different when it comes down to it. people get upset, they get moody, violent, irritated, irrational, and so do our feathered friends. birds in general seem to have this quality, but for the sake of this project lets just focus on chickens. i kind of like what is going on here. i feel like i am up on a soap box screaming from the roof tops spouting off nonsense and there is nothing anyone can do about it, becuase they are reading it off a screen not actually dealing with me. i also think it is ok in situations like this (and most situations to be honest) to have as many gramatical and spelling errors as i want becuase this is my page and i can do whatever i want. anyway, back to chickens. every day that i went to the barn as a child i chased the chickens around. maye it was becuase they were red, seeng as some people think that red brings out the confrontational and aggressive traits in people, but for whatever reason it was impossible (dispite being scolded repreatedly) not to chase the chickens. apparently chasing them too much made them infertal, which was when i really got busted. regardless, maybe it was the feeling of being so much bigger than they were, or maybe it was the fact that i was addicted ot their fear, but for whatever reason i loved chasing the chickens. perhaps this is responsible for me being a complete bully-jerkface as a kid, despite being horribly shy. hmmm. maybe if chickens were blue some other soothing color i would not have been so awkward. i think i would have been awkward anyway.