Daily Diary Continued...
Day 1 - Basically, today wasn't too terrible. I didn't have anything pressing to do on a computer, so I avoided my cell the most. It literally almost hurt for me not to check facebook and pink. It's pathetic, but I like celebrity gossip and routine. At night, when it was most tempting to use my computer we went out to the Cove for a drink. Ha -- trade technology for alcohol -- bad news.

Day 2 - I just really wanted to call my mom for some reason, and I did not enjoy the feeling of not being able to talk to her. She is the constant in my life and to not have ready access to her is very difficult.

Flinner said something very funny in class today, we talking about eBay, internet auctioning, and she said "it was dangerous so I stopped." Hahah, I love her comments!

Day 3 - I am wearing thin. I feel like I have all this free time, but I can't call my family to catch up or watch a movie with friends. I never have free time, I didn't even have a "fun" book to read, I only have academic books. We went to the Cove again tonight, it was packed with alumni back Summer Send-Off. It was a bizarre, time-warp kind of experience.

Day 4 - My cheating on the diet is definitely exemplary of my personality. Whenever I come to a turn or ending in my life, I simply stop doing work. For example, in my history class, I didn't write a paper for three weeks until after it was due. There was absolutely no sane reason for this. If we didn't have class critiques I guarantee I wouldn't turn my projects in on time. Never. It is so stupid, I am not giving up work for any valid reason, I just don't do it.
Day 5 - Another issue concerning my lack of future plans is that not one of my friends wants to live where I want to. I know that I could live with a random person, which might be beneficial, but extremely lonely. Through technology like cell phones, instant messenger, and e-mail I would still be connected to everyone I care about, but physically, I won't have someone to go places with. And I know exactly why I haven't gotten the ball rolling - I'm afraid of the reality of my situation and dealing with the possibility of being an adult - who wants that?