The Low-Tech Diet --
Daily Diary

Day 1: April 24, 2006

12(midnight): shut down computer; put away discman; turned off cell phone; put scarf over the T.V.

I debated whether or not to cut my time down to 3 days (be better for my academics, but worse for creativity...)

In class this morning I had to give a powerpoint presentation on the medial
lemniscal and spinothalamic pathway, awake for an hour, and already
cheated on the diet.Then after my all my classes, I had the urge to check
my e-mail because it is part of my daily routine, class, library, check e-mail...
one problem I encountered was that I didn't check the weather in the
morning so I dressed too warmly for the day... I was so hot all day.





Day 2: April 25, 2006

Digital Photo Class (1p.m.): hmm... how not to use technology when in a class based entirely on computers. So far this diet has not been too hard, I expected to be a little more anxious, but it is only half way through Day 2. I wonder how many e-mails I have...

Today I had the overwhelming feeling that I was missing out on something. I felt very disconnected and distant, not from anything in particular, just a general sense that I either had forgotten something. I usually have an e-mail from my sister or mother, it is horrible feeling not being able to tell them about the daily, inconsequential happenings in my life.



Day 3: April 26, 2006

Again, got up in the morning and put on entirely the wrong outfit for the day... I was so hot all day.

I played squash today with Will in the impossibly, technologically advanced KAC.
It was the first time in a long while that I exercised without technology. I didn't run
on the elliptical or use the weight machines. The natural movement of
running and hitting invigorated me; I feel like my brain could feel the
difference too, thinking about placement and strategy.



Day 4: April 27, 2006 -- Annie's 22cd Birthday!!!!

It was Annie's birthday today, we had a delicious Asian feast with carrot cake at the BFEC. It was so lovely to actually cook something because I never get the chance to at school. The pot-stickers were very tasty and everyone enjoyed them (I think). However, I did cheat a little...oops I called Tina on my cell phone from Kroger because I couldn't remember if I had garlic or not in the fridge. Totally justified... totally. Luckily, Marietta dealt with all the e-mailing about the surprise, which I am thankful, I know she got very stressed about it.

It was so great to cook, create, and enjoy the outdoors with my best friends -- I hate to be sentimental, but I will definitely cherish that evening; it could not have gone better -- no tension, just relaxing fun. I think that everyone felt the same way... nothing beats a sunset with a glass of wine.

I realized how ever nice that moment was, living without e-mail is harsh... and this experience has been very reflective of my personality tendencies.



Day 5: April 28, 2006

Morning: Final Day!!!! Yessss.... thank god this is almost over, I hate not being able to check facebook or pink. I know how shallow that is, but if I'm aware of it, does that make it better? At least that's what I'll stick to.

I did cheat a few times unfortunately. I couldn't reconcile sacrificing one class for another. I needed to check my e-mail and use the computer for Research Methods, to finalize my research project with the Internal Review Board in the psych department. I did not read any e-mail that did not pertain to my research class.

The thing that is most troubling about this experience is the feeling that I missed out. Some philosopher, thinker-type person said that regret for the things we have done fades with time, but regret for the things we did not do will grow stronger. I feel that I have gained perspective on the whole technology debate concerning creativity and reality, but at what price? Did I sacrifice a job opportunity for that elusive first post-grad year. Ick... I had a lot of time to think about what I want to do next year, my ideal and my reality. Ideally, I want an apartment in Manhattan, not another borough, Manhattan, and I want a job where I can have a hand in social change, but I don't want to give up my upper-middle class lifestyle. Realistically, I will be at home in Rochester with a job that does have implications for my future. But I'm afraid to go back because I do NOT want to go back and get stuck there. I want to be near my family, but not so much that I'm entirely dependent on them.

I definitely felt more anxious throughout the week. I hated not being able to readily communicate with my friends and teachers and my family most of all. I realized that I am totally dependent on the inanimate object of the computer and the intangible internet. It's bizarre to think how something that you can't touch or feel governs so much of my life. I found that I was able to focus more easily on my reading and I realized how much time I actually dote to miscellaneous internet activities that really don't get me anywhere.





I found that my personality of tendency of procrastination and my inability to maintain any sort of long-term plan were illuminated by this "diet". It's funny that I titled this site "The Low-Tech Diet" because diets and exercise plans are my foil. There is nothing that I cannot do worse than attempt a diet. I always cheat. And each time I do, I don't offer myself an excuse or a reason, I just do it without thought. I cheated myself by checking my e-mail and using my cell phone, I did get the full possible experience. It is as if I missing that trigger in my brain to turn off food craving or to follow any sort of self-imposed limit. Of any limit, a self-imposed one should be the most motivating, especially since I HATE doing what other people tell what to do -- I am a scorpio, I can't help, at least that's Marietta says.