ARTS 226		The Photography of Invention


Course Description

The focus of this intermediate-level course is on using the medium of photography in ways that promote creativity, innovation, 
and continuing growth in both technical and aesthetic accomplishment. Students will be introduced to non-silver photography,
digital imaging tools, photographic exercises in color and montage. Students will be encouraged to pursue their own
personal interests and directions which will surface through their assignments. Methodology This will be a project-structured course, with demonstrations, critiques, and required readings. Beginning black and white
photography is a prerequisite. The readings will serve as a starting point through which students will engage in critical
investigations of visual culture, including but not limited to photography and digital technologies. Texts and Readings Readings will be on reserve in the library. All essays are from The Visual Culture Reader, ed. Nicholas Mirzoeff,
(London: Routledge, 1998) Donna Haraway, "The Persistence of Vision," pgs 191-198 Jonathan Crary, "The Camera Obscura and Its Subject," pgs 246-252 Geoffrey Batchen, "Spectres of Cyberspace," pgs 273-278 Marshall McLuhan, "Woman in a Mirror," pgs 130-132 Nicholas Mirzoeff, " Introduction: Gender and Sexuality," pgs 391-397 Recommended Photoshop and HTML texts: Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Studio Techniques by Ben Willmore, Adobe Press Photoshop Visual Quickstart Guide by Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas, Peachpit Press HTML 4 Visual Quickstart Guide by Elizabeth Castro, Peachpit Press Requirements Attendance is mandatory and essential to the course. Missing three consecutive classes will lower your grade by one letter. Missing three classes will lower your grade by half a letter. Missing six classes will lower your grade by one letter.
An unexcused absence is one where you do not talk to me in class prior to your absence. Open Labs are mandatory class sessions. If you are unprepared to work in the lab, you will be considered absent. If you miss a critique, you will receive an F for that assignment. Assignments 1-5, if turned in on a critique day, will be
eligible for re-submittal for grade re-evaluation. Email Policy Email is an effective means of communication with me. Please note that I will not always be able to respond immediately. If I determine you do not need an email in reply, I will respond to you in person during the next class session. Critiques Critiques of assignments are important to the progress of each individual in the class, and to the success of the course itself. The critique fosters development of an ability to verbalize visual concepts. Learning to talk about the visual will both help you to articulate your thoughts and also learn to see actively. Participation in critiques will be heavily considered in grades for all assignments. Grading You will be evaluated on the following points: success of completed assignments (visual and intellectual innovation, technical accomplishment, careful presentation), progress made throughout the semester, and individual participation in critiques and class discussions. Project 1 10 points Project 2 15 points Project 3 15 points Project 4 15 points Project 5 15 points Readings Participation 15 points (3.75 points each reading discussion day) Final Project 15 points 100 points Suppliers Kenyon Bookstore, Gambier 427-5440 Memories on Main, 201 South Main, Mt. Vernon 397-6403 Cord Camera Superstore, W. Fifth Avenue, Columbus 614-299-1441 Cord Camera Westerville 614-891-1500 McAlister Camera, 1454 West Lane Avenue, Columbus 614-488-1865 Midwest Photo Exchange, 3313 North High, Columbus 614-261-1264 B&H Photo, New York City 1-800-947-7785 Adorama, New York City 1-800-233-2500 Freestyle, Los Angeles 1-800-616-3686 Calumet, Chicago 1-800-225-8638 Required Equipment and Supplies 35 mm camera Notebook Slide film, print film, b&w enlarging paper Zip disks Inkjet paper From your beginning class in photography: Multigrade filters 6x6,35mm negative sleeves, 3 ring binder, 24" metal ruler, scissors, canned air, towel, lock, anti-static cloth, negative cleaner, lens cleaning tissue and lens cleaning fluid, #000 sable spotting brush, white mat board, Spotone, small Exacto knife, Exacto blades, dry mount tissue, linen tape.