Martin John Garhart

Love Songs

Love Songs is an on-going series of multiple picture paintings that are about human relationships. A visual conversation that explores the people, places, things, and events that bring purpose and meaning to our lives. The specifics are mine. The theme is ours. It is about life, and it is told in fragments and with pictures. It is honest and some of it may be true.

These paintings are about life as it occurs through human intellect, experience, and the disquietude of the soul. Doing them is how I try to understand the complexity of the one life I know I have. The images develop through the explorations of themes that merge from my need to ask who, where, how, and why questions. The questions are timeless but the uniqueness of each of our lives presents the possibility of personal insight. They are a search for insight and understanding.

The paintings are my exploration of visual language, a consideration of how a visual dialogue conveys meaning through formal and narrative elements. The symbolic use of setting, time, and character is aesthetically gathered to create content and beauty. It is an inquiry into the merger of traditional and contemporary visual voices in an attempt to expand expression. Love Songs is a search for the visual equivalent of the narrative poem.